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Our Story

Booming technology, increasing software demand due to digitization, and contemporary ways of working inspired Devlynk. The software products by nature is suitable for remote development, operation and delivery. That enables the individuals and organizations to exchange services even when they are far from each other. Devlynk has been developed with the dream of providing the right solution to the projects with the right source, facilitating the production of software projects and creating a value that will allow the remote workers to interact with each other.

Devlynk community

Devlynk is a large group of elite and skilled developers and software development agencies in different expertise categories. Registered experts; take the tests composed of questions and tasks according to their skills and take the approval of the specialization category before join the Devlynk. Preliminary assessments provide great efficiency in assigning competent and rapid resources to projects. The majority of the community consists of freelancers motivated by determine the working hours and the way of working. As a result freelancing promises a competitive alternative in terms of speed and economy in software development.

Accomplish your project with Devlynk

Do not postpone your project due to increased demand in the software projects, difficulty in finding qualified developer, time consuming processes and increased costs. Work with Devlynk developers. Get start with posting your requirement. Receive bids for your project from competent and skillful developers, securely share information using Devlynk tools,make your contract, once the job is complete test it than confirm when your project is complete. Until you approve, your payment will be safe in Devlynk.

Many customers and new software projects in varied categories

  • Match with client projects in your expertise.

  • Get new jobs frequently, earn high income.

  • Secure your fund in project deliveries.

Efficient way to remote work for software projects

  • Efficient way to remote work for software projects.

  • Efficient way to remote work for software projects.

  • Efficient way to remote work for software projects.

Best working conditions suited to you

  • Freely set your working hours and rates.

  • Increase your experience by working on various projects.

  • Open up to the world by taking projects in different regions.

  • Accomplish your project with Devlynk!