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I'm a software engineer who specializes in Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development. I have experience with cross-platform frameworks such as Ionic, React Native and Flutter. I have been working in a Corporate Company in Turkey on cross-platform mobile development for nearly 15 months. The company that I am working for provides business solutions, I have participated in 3 mobile projects which are developed with Ionic and Flutter. In these projects, I experienced to manage the requirements and tasks with Asana, Trello, and Jira. I can easily work with rest APIS and real-time databases. On the other hand, I’m giving public speeches and writing articles about Flutter. I’m also loving to help the community so I enjoy a lot answering StackOverflow questions as possible as I can. SO profile: Fluttering: These are some packages that I published: MeetNetworkImage: FetchMore(Pagination): rename(an executable command-line application that renames the flutter app): flutter_generate(an executable command-line application which generates .dart files and helps you to determine a project structure): SocialMediaButtons (that auto launches URL on web and mobile platforms): These are some articles that I have written and published in FlutterCommunity: (language - EN) (Language - EN) (language - EN) (language - TR, published in FlutterTürkiye) (language - TR, published in FlutterIzmir which we created) (language - TR, published in FlutterIzmir) FlutterIzmir community We organized our first flutter study jam on November 30. flutter_layout slide which created with a flutter web deployed on it is an interactive slide so you can play and learn with some of the layout widget properties created for FlutterIzmir Study Jam talk.